Middletown Pride is a City-wide demonstration and celebration intended to recognize, benefit and empower marginalized members of the LGBTQIA community. Middletown Pride was created in 2019, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising.

The City of Middletown, Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce, Wesleyan University, and Russell Library in collaboration with the Triangle Community Center, have partnered together over the past two years to ensure that Middletown Pride is impactful, inclusive, diverse, sustainable and educational for its participants. 

Over the past two years, Middletown Pride has raised visibility for the LGBTQIA community, resulted in the creation of the City’s first ever LGBTQIA Advisory Committee, the raising of the Pride flag at City Hall during Pride month, and the raising of the transgender flag at City Hall during the Transgender Day of Remembrance, to name a few. 

Pride is made possible due to the incredible community support from our event partners, sponsors, vendors, participants and donations, without whom, Pride could not exist.  

Pride Value Statement

We, the organizers of Middletown’s Pride Celebration and affiliated events acknowledge Pride first and foremost as a demonstration intended to benefit and empower marginalized members of the LGBTQIA community. We believe Pride is more than just a party. We acknowledge that within our community, LGBTQIA people still face monumental challenges. Therefore, we commit to creating a Pride event that is inclusive, diverse, intersectional, educational, sustainable, and as self-sufficient as possible.


We affirm that community is built by sharing. Whenever possible, we will use our privilege and offer our resources to those who are marginalized or oppressed. We will seek out those who typically are not invited, or may not feel safe or welcome. We will greet them warmly, invite them to celebrate with us, and hold space for them.


We affirm that diversity is strength. We will make efforts to include diverse people and perspectives, and will take note if people of specific races, colors, religions, genders, ages, ancestries, disability statuses, or sexual orientations are underrepresented in our events.


We affirm that the LGBTQIA community has intersecting identities which compound oppression and will consider those needs when planning events. This includes black people, indigenous people and people of color, disabled, deaf, and neuro-diverse communities, immigrant, and other marginalized and historically oppressed identities.

Willingness to Learn and Be Kind

We affirm the need to continue to educate ourselves. As a community, we still have so much to learn. It is never the responsibility of the oppressed to educate the ignorant. We will do our best to educate ourselves and to pass on what we have learned.

We affirm that kindness counts. We value “calling up” over “calling out”. When we make a mistake, we hope you’ll meet us as friends who could benefit from your wisdom.


We affirm that we must cooperate to make Pride last. We hope to have an annual event in perpetuity. We hope to endear ourselves to the Middletown community, and create value. Further, we will embrace sustainable environmental practices that respect our community.


We affirm our Pride as a community event. Aware of the legacy of pink-washing at Pride events, we endeavor to be financially self-sufficient. It is wonderful when corporations and businesses share our values, but sponsorship complicates the message of Pride and dilutes our authenticity. While visitors from all parts of the world are explicitly invited to participate at our events, we are, first and foremost, a celebration by Middletown, for Middletown. Likewise, we endeavor to use local contacts, vendors, organizations, etc. whenever possible, so that our celebration both represents and benefits our local community.